7 septiembre, 2022

Título: Asymptotic behaviour of a semilinear problem with long time memory and non-local diffusion

Ponente: Tomás Caraballo (Universidad de Sevilla)

Organizador: José Valero

Fecha: Miércoles 7 de julio de 2022 a las 13:00 horas.

Lugar: Sala de seminarios CIO

Abstract: In this talk, the asymptotic behavior of a semilinear heat equation with long time memory and non-local diffusion is analyzed in the usual set-up for dynamical systems generated by differential equations with delay terms. This approach is different from the previous published literature on the long time behavior of heat equations with memory which is carried out by the Dafermos transformation. As a consequence, the obtained results provide complete information about the attracting sets for the original problem, instead of the transformed one. In particular, the proved results also generalize and complete previous literature in the local case.